Here are the Best Google April Fools’ jokes and pranks


It’s April Fool’s day, guys! By now you are probably questioning anything you see online. All the companies are releasing fake/funny videos and we just don’t know what is real and what is fake. Some people might still be clueless about what’s going on, though, so here are the best jokes to try and prank your friends!

As usual, Google is one of the most active April Fools’ prankers. There is a plethora of Google-made pranks, as well as other companies. And if you want to go ahead and prank your friends, we also have some Chrome extensions for you!

Google Maps Treasure Mode

Need to go find some booty? Google is here to help you! They have found a bunch of maps with hidden treasures and shared it with the world. Check out Google Maps Treasure Mode and see what you can find!

Google Nose

Because sometimes image and sound are simply not enough – Google Nose. Smells can be received and sent, imagine the possibilities….

Gmail Blue

Seems Google is pulling one of those (*cough* Apple) moves. What is the best way to improve a product? Simply change its color! It’s… revolutionary. Game-changing, you know?

YouTube was a huge contest, now it’s time to shut it down

Kind of a scary idea, right? It’s hard to imagine a world without YouTube now! Who would your YouTube winner be?

Twitter now charging for using vowels in tweets

Twttr s nw ffrng tw trs. t csts t mch mny t hst yr 140 chrctrs, s fr sbscrbrs wll nt b bl t hv vwls dsplyd n thr mssgs. Y wnt yr vwls? Py $5 mnth!

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 3.40.49 PM

Best Chrome Extensions for pranking people

Annoying Typo Generator

Want to give co-workers a hard time? Sneak into their Chrome browser and install this extension! As the name entails, the extension will make the user pretty frustrated by making them type typos over and over.

Download Annoying Typo Generator


This extension will mix the letters within each word displayed on a website. Be sure that users will be flipping out trying to figure out what’s happening with their computers!

Download Scramble

Upside Down

This one is pretty obvious! Turns sites upside down and freaks people out just as much as the other extensions.

Download Upside Down

Wrap Up

Got any other cool pranks or funny extensions? Share them with us in the comments below!