Best Buy will have Nintendo Switch in stock on July 21st

Hot on the heels of GameStop announcing they have three Nintendo Switch bundles available this week, the weekly ad for Best Buy shows that the company will be selling individual Switches starting July 21st.

Part of the frustration of trying to get one of these new units from GameStop is each store gets a different amount of individual stock, while others are allocated to be sold in bundles that retail for $459 and up. For people who just want to pick up a Switch and a single game, that’s annoying.

The availability of new Switch stock at retailers seems to be aimed at having enough consoles available for customers to pick up the game alongside Splatoon 2, which releases the same day. It’s probably safe to assume that all major retailers including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon will probably have Switch stock around that time.

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch, I’d be carefully eyeing the stores around July 21st.

Nintendo Switch – $299