Hot deal: Best Buy offering students Chromecast for $30!

Chromecast peeking

College can be hard, that is why one must remember to take some down time. If you are not going out to party like a maniac, you should have some fun at your pad – what better way than enjoying some movies and music with a Chromecast? Best Buy is holding a very nice deal for college students. You can now get a Chromecast for only $29.99!

This is a $5-dollar discount. It certainly won’t make a huge difference, but 5 bucks is 5 bucks! Especially during college, when one struggles between part-time jobs and expensive fees.

You can take advantage of this deal by going to Best Buy’s student deals page. From there, just give them your .edu email address and they will send you your handy coupons.

This offer is valid during Nov. 3-Nov. 24 and Dec. 8–Feb. 1. Weird days if you ask us, but what do we know. Go get them, guys!