Best Buy drops price of Gamers Club permanently to $30


If you’re a fan of purchasing retail games instead of digital, you’re probably aware of the different reward services that several big box retailers have for gamers. GameStop’s PowerUp rewards membership is probably the most familiar, but Best Buy has their own membership called the Gamers Club Unlocked. It’s a yearly subscription that is designed to help you save money if you buy a lot of games in a single year period. This membership used to cost $100 for two years, but Best Buy has lowered the price down to just $30 for two years. This makes it an incredible deal even if you only buy Nintendo games as you can now save more than you spend.

So what exactly is the Gamers Club Unlocked?

The biggest benefit is getting 20% off of new video game software year round. You’re limited to 3 copies of a specific game per year, but if you end up buying at least 3 full-priced games in a year period, you’ve already successfully saved more than you spent. Other bonuses include 10% bonus trade-in credit on your used games, 10% off pre-owned games in stores, and several sign-up coupons. Here’s the full list of benefits:

  • Get 20% off new physical video game software (excludes pre-owned video game software and digital gaming). Limit 3 copies of each title per platform per year per member.
  • Get 10% bonus trade-in credit on video game software (see for qualifying product and details). Must be 18 or older.
    Get 10% off pre-owned video game software (excludes PC game software).
  • Get a special welcome coupon which features a Buy Two, Get the Third Free offer on pre-owned games (lowest priced game is free) and a Save 50% offer on a new strategy guide.
  • Get 2x My Best Buy points for every dollar spent on new video game software, digital gaming and game accessories.
  • Get 2 My Best Buy points for every dollar of video game software trade in.
    Get My Best Buy points on gaming consoles.
  • Get access to exclusive gaming offers.

While this membership was a hard sell at $100 for two years and only the most hardcore gamers could benefit, at $30 for two years it’s a no-brainer, especially if you have a Best Buy close by. The membership does work on online purchases, but you’ll need to walk into a store in order to activate the membership as it can’t be done online. That’s the only downside, as Best Buy retail locations aren’t as plentiful as GameStop.

Either way, the drop in price makes this a must pick up as you save money on something you were already going to buy in the first place!