Best Buy offering $5 off a 3DS/Wii U game for lack of Meta Knight amiibo


By now, amiibo supply problems are something every Nintendo fan has had to deal with, but it stings especially bad when retailer exclusive amiibo like Meta Knight and Rosalina and Luma are impossible to find. We know amiibo cards are coming to help ease the stress of being unable to find the figures, but for collectors, the figure is often the main reason to buy the product. Best Buy understands its customers frustrations with lack of supply and seems to be taking some initiative to make it up.

Many consumers who are heading into Best Buy stores across the nation, looking for Meta Knight are reporting that their locations are offering a $5 coupon for any 3DS/Wii U game to make up for the lack of stock. While this is certainly a nice gesture, especially if you’re going to buy any of the recently released games, we can’t help but feel the squeeze will be even tighter if the issues causing stock problems for NIntendo aren’t resolved.

If you want to try your luck, just head to your local Best Buy and see if they have any Meta Knight amiibo available. If not, ask a customer representative about their offer for $5 off any Wii U or Nintendo 3DS game.