Best Buy Canada rep confirms more retailer exclusive amiibo on the way


If you haven’t been following the amiibo saga, let me fill you in. Despite only being released just shy of a month ago in the United States, there are already three discontinued amiibo figures from wave one. Supply in the UK and Europe has been very spotty, with Nintendo UK seeking to reassure people that supply will continue to be available. With so many people unable to find figures at their local retailers, getting pre-orders in for favorite characters is the best chance at getting them.

Today, a Best Buy Canada rep confirmed that while stock is low on exclusives like Meta Knight, there will be future exclusives and customers who are interested in those should pre-order as soon as possible. In response to being asked when Meta Knight would be available again, this is what the representative said:

All stock available for preorders has been grabbed up. There is the possibility that we secure more so keep checking back on the site and I will post here if I have news!

The new wave will be up very soon and there will be more exclusives

Right now the only confirmed exclusives are Meta Knight, Lucario, Rosalina and Luma, and Shulk. What other exclusives could the four major retailers see? This exclusivity is making amiibo shopping a nightmare for many. What do you think?