Bayonetta 2 demo now available in Europe [Update: NA too!]

[Edit: Ahh! Shortly before this post went live, Nintendo updated the North American eShop to make the demo available in North America. Go get it, my pretties!]

With Bayonetta 2 launching on October 24, Nintendo has made a demo for the game available on the European eShop. This also includes Australia and New Zealand, which are both PAL regions just like Europe. For those interested in checking it out, the demo is limited to 15 uses, which is something we usually see on Nintendo 3DS games. The filesize is only 728MB as well, so you’ll only need about 1GB of free space on your drive in order to test it out.

Currently the demo is not available in the Wii U eShop in North America, but given that the game also launches on October 24 in North America, hopefully we’ll see one soon.

Will you be giving the demo a go now that it’s out?