Battle Princess Madelyn ends Kickstarter campaign 354% funded

The Battle Princess Madelyn Kickstarter wrapped up its funding efforts today with a whopping 354% funding goal. 3,402 backers pledged around $212k Canadian dollars to get this game funded and Casual Bit Games has announced they’re going to continue raising funds through the game with PayPal.

The new PayPal Store option is available for those of you who missed the short Kickstarter campaign window but still want to contribute to seeing the game made. The reward tiers for the pledges made through PayPal mirror the reward tiers on Kickstarter. The studio says that the funds collected from the PayPal campaign will help fund the final stretch goals that were not achieved during the Kickstarter campaign.

“The campaign for Battle Princess Madelyn was an incredible and humbling experience. We honestly didn’t anticipate such a strong response for our game and it’s absolutely overwhelming hearing how people can relate to Maddi’s story. With this level of funding we will deliver our vision and make the game the very best it can be.”

Casual Bit Games hopes to bring the game to several platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. Right now the release window for the game is set for February 2018, but Kickstarter games are notoriously late and we wouldn’t be surprised to see that deadline missed. Either way, I’m excited to see the game fully funded since Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts is one of my all-time favorite SNES games.

[via Kickstarter]

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