Babel launching as Google Hangouts


The rumored unified messaging service from Google is expected to be one of the most exciting releases this year. Google has many forms of communication, but so far we have only been able to use them separately. Babel is meant to merge them together and create a network like no other, and surely you want to learn more. New rumors have emerged and now we even have a name – Google Hangouts.

Seems the Search Giant is taking it’s Google+ Hangout moniker and spreading it across its services. The source is ryan_socio, who has been known to leak accurate Google information in the past. He claims to have used Google Hangouts for a few minutes. This is the reason why he couldn’t tell us too much.

The Google Hangouts Android app is said to be a Holo-themed app with an icon that looks much like the Google+ Messenger one, except it is green. Furthermore, it seems like the app won’t support MMS/SMS; or at least the version he used.

In other news, he also found out a couple details that should be unveiled soon (probably at Google IO). Apparently Google Now is set to get location-based reminders. You can tell it to remind you to buy a certain product when you are at the store, or to call a friend when you get home. The Gmail app is also said to get a nice Holo update, with the ability to swipe left and right to access different sections.

We are pretty sure we will hear more about these updates at Google IO, which is just around the corner. Our team will be in San Francisco covering the event, so be sure that we will be letting you know how everything evolves!

[Source: The Verge Via: Phandroid]