Axiom Verge could come to Wii U in 2016

When Nintendo indie boss Dan Adelman left the company late last year to help Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ see his Metroid-vania game released on PlayStation platforms, plenty of people were surprised. One of the major questions people have been asking since then is when will Axiom Verge release on the Wii U. It’s a modern take on the standard that Super Metroid set way back during the SNES era and feels and plays exactly like you would expect a modern 2D Metroid game to play.

If you’ve been waiting for an official Wii U release date for the game you’re still going to be disappointed, but at least developer Tom Happ has acknowledged that there is quite a bit of demand to see the game released on the Wii U eShop. According to Happ, the Wii U will probably see Axiom Verge in 2016, while Nintendo 3DS may not get the title at all.

…can’t commit to anything, but Axiom Verge will *probably* be available for Wii U in 2016,” Happ said. “3DS is quite a bit more difficult since the hardware is so completely different. Should Nintendo be reading this and decide to lend me a hand, that’d be VERY appreciated!!

So maybe in 2016, we’ll actually get a proper Metroid-style game, even if it’s not a Metroid game in name.