Developer calls Nintendo “douches”

Earlier today, we reported that Axiom Verge was coming to the Nintendo Switch with a physical release. That’s not exactly true. Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ was recently on a podcast called “World 1-1.” While on the podcast, Happ said that his team wants a Switch version, but they’re unsure of when that would happen.

Dan Adelman, former Head of Digital Content and Development at Nintendo of America, took to Twitter to correct the various news outlets who were misreporting the “announcement.” In his Tweet, Adelman states that “Tom never said that Axiom Verge is confirmed for Switch… :(.”

Adelman continued with some slight elaboration on why they can’t confirm Axiom Verge for Switch. In short, it’s on Nintendo’s side of the court now. “We need them to say it’s ok. We could’ve had it out at launch,” Adelman stated in a response to a fan question.

In another reply, Adelman goes a step further:

“We’ve been asking them non-stop for over a year. They’re being douches.”

So, there you have it. We could’ve had Axiom Verge as early as last month if Nintendo gave the team the OK.

[via Twitter, NeoGAF]