Augmented reality, now even better (video)

Augmented reality
Augmented reality

Just when you thought AR browsing was the dog’s bollocks, panoramic and bird’s eye zooming are set to make augmented reality browsing on your mobile phone even more exciting!

Mobile phones have gotten a lot more fun and interesting since they added augmented reality browsing. Basically: you point at stuff and a layer is added with information. For instance, you’re looking for a pizza, point your phone and, theoretically, all pizza places in your vicinity pop up.  Of course it’s not perfect just yet, but new apps and layers for augmented reality keep being added.

For now augmented reality is still quite primitive. For instance, you can only click on buildings or other stuff within your immediate view. Daniel Wagner, a virtual reality researcher at Graz University of Technology, has two new ways to make AR browsing better: panoramic and bird’s-eye zooming.

Cool huh? No word as yet on when this will be available, but we’ll keep you posted!