ARMS looks way better in tournaments

Since Nintendo debuted ARMS, an upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive fighter, I’ve been keeping my eye on what’s been going on within that community. The game looks amazing with its diverse roster of characters, yet each showing somehow doesn’t really make the game look too interesting. Turns out, I should’ve been watching the ARMS Invitational.

In February, Nintendo invited members of the fighting game community to play ARMS in a tournament. Seems harmless enough, right? Right. However, it resulted in a far better showing than any footage Nintendo has released thus far. Just take a look at the video above.

The build that was on display at the invitational appears to be old, so we don’t get to see recent additions such as Min Min or the different arm types. Fortunately, Nintendo has another ARMS invitational scheduled for April 29-30. Hopefully this means a more recent build filled with interesting combos and strategies for us to digest.

ARMS launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch June 16th. Thus far we’ve only seen footage using the Joy-Cons motion controls, but Nintendo assures that you’ll be able to play without motion controls too.