ARMS supports single Joy-Con use; controller support detailed

Nintendo’s upcoming, wacky arena fighter ARMS has been repeatedly shown to be a game that relies heavily upon the Switch’s motion controls. Using both Joy-Cons, you can lob punches at your opponent, grab them for quick, up-close attacks, unleash a special, or go on the defensive and dodge attack after attack. Nintendo’s been insistent that motion controls are the way to play this Nintendo Switch exclusive, though they also said it has controller support.

The recent EDGE magazine feature on ARMS gave us our first details about ARMS‘ controller support. Though you can play in any configuration you please – single Joy-Con, dual Joy-Con, or Pro Controller – it really does seem like you might be at a handicap when compared to motion control users.

EDGE says that during single Joy-Con use, punches can be mapped to the triggers or face buttons; the same goes for the other controllers. Dodging and jumping are mapped to the remaining face buttons. When you want to guard, simply click the left stick and your ARMS fighter will guard against an incoming attack. Where things get tricky is when you want to combine any of these actions.

When using motion controls, you’re afforded the freedom of dodging and punching simultaneously. This allows you to take advantage of the small window of opportunity you might have between an opponent’s attack. However, with controllers, the left stick is used to choose the angle of your punches, meaning you won’t be able to dodge and get a punch in the opposite direction at the same time. EDGE also notes that you won’t be able to punch with one hand at one angle and the other hand at another angle until your first hand is “fully extended.”

In a game that seems so reliant on precision and dexterity in battle, these seemingly small caveats to ARMS controller support might cost you a match.

[via NeoGAF]