Nintendo reveals new characters and weapons in ARMS

Today, Nintendo has released two new videos that showcase the upcoming characters and weapons you’ll see featured in ARMS. The character designs are pretty interesting and you should check out the video if you’re interested in seeing more about the characters you’ll be playing when the game releases sometime this year.

Each character has some unique attributes that make them different to play, so you’ll have to play each one to figure out which suits your play style.

ARMS Characters

  • Spring Man
  • Ribbon Girl
  • Ninjara
  • Master Mummy
  • Mechanica

The second video showcases some of the weapons you’ll be using as these characters. Each character has their own unique benefits and each ARMS weapon is different, too. Some weapons provide extra effects when they’re charged, while others offer more speed but less punch.

ARMS Weapons

  • Toaster Arms
  • Sparky Arms
  • Boomerang Arms
  • Revolver Arms
  • Slapamander Arms

What’s best about these weapons? Apparently, you can equip a different type of weapon on each arm, so you can mix and match these effects to create devastating combinations.

With the characters and some of the weapons now revealed, are you getting excited about ARMS? This wasn’t a title that interested me initially, now that I’ve experienced the Joy-Cons and their precise motion controls myself, I’m finding myself more interested in this game.

ARMS – $59.99