Chrome’s “App Info” function will give you app details quicker and easier

app-infoIt can be a little complicated for the average (non-techy) consumer to manage Chrome apps and extensions. Having to go into the settings’s extensions area is not exactly user-friendly. This is why Google is working on a solution for seeing app details without having to access the settings.

The feature is called “App Info”. It can be accessed by simply “right-clicking” on any app in your app launcher and tapping “App Info”. This is currently only available in Chromium, but let’s hope it comes to other versions of Chrome and Chrome OS soon!

As you can see in the image, details shown are still scarce. François Beaufort states that more information will be available soon, though.

App Info coming

  • Ratings and ability to rate the app
  • Developer / support links
  • Install space and uninstall capability
  • Local and cloud storage with a reset capability
  • Dynamic permissions and ability to clear
  • Retained files

Chrome apps and extensions are becoming a huge part of the whole platform. With this in mind, it’s important to make the whole Chrome ecosystem much more user-friendly and simple. We have seen Google pushing Chrome very strongly, and can only assume this trend will continue.

Let’s hope this and other similar features reach Chrome’s stable channel soon!

[François Beaufort]