AOL Reader launches in beta weeks before Google Reader shuts down


Attempting to stay relevant, AOL has joined the long list of companies trying to get users from soon-to-die Google Reader. The old internet giant has launched AOL Reader in beta, and it is looking like a rather good option.

We don’t know all the details yet, nor have we seen screenshots, but AOL is touting a customizable interface. The product art (shown above) looks very much like Google Reader, and it displays the interface in a series of multiple devices and platforms.

This more than likely means it will be available across all your devices, whether it be on the web or via an app (preferably the latter). From what we can see, users will also be able to sign in using their AOL, Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. RSS feeds will also be able to be imported/exported and the API will be available for developers who want to work with the platform.

Not looking bad, right? As mentioned, this service is currently in private beta. We can’t sign up for it yet, but Engadget has confirmed that invites will be accepted starting June 24th, 2013 (this Monday). I know I will be signing up to test it, will you?

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