Any.Do brings one of the best to-do list apps to Chrome

Any.Do is arguably the best to-do list app for Android devices. Its clean design and simple interface made it a hit in the Google Play Store. And after gaining its good share of popularity in Google’s mobile OS, the developer has decided to spread its wings for other platforms. The Any.Do extension was made available for Chrome users last week. After using it for said time, we can say that Any.Do really hit the spot for Chrome, as well.

The Any.Do Chrome extension has a very similar interface compared to the Android app. It has a white background with a similar blue font, and can be accessed directly from the extension bar in the Chrome Browser. After you install it, that is. The extension displays the Any.Do logo with a number notifying you how many tasks you have pending.

Just like the mobile version, tasks can be divided by date and folders. It is pretty straight forward: One can create a task and then categorize it depending on specific needs. After completing the errand, it is just as simple to click on the check mark to the left and simply mark it (or un-check it) as done.

It is also possible to set priorities, side notes and reminders by clicking on the task, an action that displays another menu. After understanding the basics, the process is as simple as it can be. Your to-do list will be synchronized across platforms (as long as you sign in), so no task will should slip by.

The extension did seem to have some bugs in the beginning, mainly with synchronizing and saving tasks and folders. But it has all been fixed since then. Everything now seems to work perfectly, though, so head over to the Chrome Web Store to download it!

What do you guys think of Any.Do? Is there another extension you believe to be better? I personally love the design, simplicity and now multi-platform experience.

Chrome Web Store: Any.Do

[Via: Phandroid]