Another retailer leaks Shovel Knight amiibo [RUMOR]


It’s looking more and more certain that Shovel Knight will be gracing our presence in amiibo form, if not a character in Super Smash Bros. We’ve already seen evidence from a Spanish retailer that the amiibo would release this fall, but now GAME Brighton tweeted the above image before deleting it.

The interesting thing about this is Shovel Knight is in a pose that wasn’t seen in the mocked up renders released by the Spanish retailer. According to the tweet, the Shovel Knight amiibo will release on November 27. While it seems more and more likely that we’ll see Shovel Knight in amiibo form, keep in mind this has not been confirmed by Nintendo or Yacht Club Games at all. It’s still in rumor status, but the evidence keeps piling up.

What do you think?