Another game points to November Wii U release date

Rise Of The Guardians Wii U release date
Another Wii U game has been given a November release date, indicating once again that Nintendo has set the Wii U release date for November 2012. Officially, Nintendo lists the release as “Fall 2012”. This time, publisher D3 announced the November release date for their upcoming ‘s Rise of The Guardians action adventure title. A few days ago, SEGA did something similar where they announced a November release date for Sonic & All-Stars Racing. A few months ago, Ubisoft did the same with Rayman Legends, announcing a November release date.

Rise of The Guardians is a movie tie-in video game for a movie of the same name, scheduled for release this Fall. The game will be released on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and other consoles. Almost all rumors and sources so far have indicated a Wii U release date in November, and there’s no reason to believe otherwise: the previous Wii and GameCube consoles were both released in the month of November.

Via MyNintendoNews