Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures confirmed for Wii U

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has been confirmed for Wii U sometime this summer. The game was recently greenlit on Steam after the release of the above trailer. As you can see, the game is a retro-inspired plaatformer that has a decidedly Metroidvania approach to gaming. The game will feature 10 levels of fast-paced gameplay and will feature content from the popular YouTube series created by JamesNintendoNerd also known as ‘the video game nerd’.

The game looks interesting, but it doesn’t seem to be much more than a cash-in on a YouTuber’s fame. It’s similar to the Bitejacker game that was released a few years ago that ties into the popular indie game webseries Bytejacker. What do you think of games like this? Would you play it? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Facebook]