Android WebView now based on Chromium – all for the best


If you love Chrome chances are you are also a Google fan. This week was huge for the Search Giant, as they announced the almighty Nexus 5. With it came Android 4.4 KitKat, which came with few Chrome improvements. One of the most important is the upgrade to WebView, which will now be based on Chromium.

If you are not familiar with the term, WebView is what allows developers to display web content from an app. It’s usually used in apps where the developer likes to offer his site’s content without having to open a separate, full browser.

This used to have a lot of issues before. I personally hate even using this feature. It’s always crashing on me and the page usually either load very slow or don’t load at all. It can be a pain. WebView being based on Chromium will likely improve performance significantly.

Furthermore, WebView will also get support for many of the same features and technology Chrome uses. This means there will be much less compatibility issues with certain web content, making the experience much better.

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