Android mirroring coming to Chromecast!


One thing Apple TV has over most other smart TVs is the fact it can mirror devices wirelessly. If the Chromecast (or Google TV) aims to take on the market, it needs cater to the mirroring crowd. We are currently able to mirror Chrome tabs, but when are other devices being added to the equation?

The evidence comes from some patches the renown developer ran across while tinkering with the Android 4.4.1 update. These patches will allow Google’s Chromecast to mirror Android devices’ screens, but we are not sure it will ever do much more.


Koush highlights the fact that this feature is only available to Google and the OEM. It will not support third-party applications and will probably be yet another locked down area of the HDMI dongle. We are not sure if this will change down the road, but it seems Google is keeping the Chromecast very tightly protected for now.

Regardless, it will be nice to get Android screen mirroring!

[Koushik Dutta]