Should Chrome and Android merge?


Chrome and Android are two of the most successful platforms in the world. Android is the most popular mobile operating system, while Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Both are owned by Google, and many believe the Search Giant is working towards merging both platforms. Is this a good idea?

Google’s Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai, went on the record about this topic at an interview during SXSW, 2014. Pichai states Google has no intentions of merging Android and Chrome/Chrome OS.

“We view them as building blocks. By investing in both, we believe that over time we will be able to meet almost all use cases. We feel fortunate to have both.” -Sundar Pichai, Google SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps

If anyone would know about such a merge, it would be Sundar Pichai. He is the one taking care of all Android and Chrome plans, so it seems we will have Chrome and Android running separately (at least for a long time).


What do you think?

I happen to agree with Sundar Pichai on this matter. I believe merging Chrome and Android would bring uniformity to both mobile and desktop environments, but it also seems like an odd idea. Chrome/Chrome OS and Android do serve different purposes. Chrome is best for computing, while Android is best for mobile communications.

This doesn’t mean Chrome and Android can’t work together. In fact, this is kind of what these platforms do right now. These products and services are linked by one common denominator – Google. Google’s services work and sync perfectly across all Google devices. They are all connected by “the cloud”. In a way, this merges both platforms already.

I believe Google will work on improving Chrome and Android, so that they may be better (both separately and working together). What do you think, though? Do you believe Chrome and Android would work better as one?

[via The Guardian]