America getting New Nintendo 3DS XL only, with no adapter included

Today Nintendo debuted the New Nintendo 3DS XL for the North America region, but lots of people are unhappy about the reveal. You can watch the trailer above and notice several differences from the current systems available in Japan, Australia, and Europe. North America is getting the XL model only, which means the brand new faceplates that were a huge feature of the New 3DS model will not see release in America. This is bothersome because it means those who like the smaller size of the 3DS system will be forced to upgrade to a larger system.

Also announced during the Nintendo Direct is that the new Nintendo 3DS XL will not include an AC adapter in the box. This is probably familiar to Europeans who have been dealing with AC adapters missing from boxes for years now, but this is the first system to launch in North America without a charger.

Considering the Nintendo 3DS is often purchased a gift by people who aren’t game-saavy and may not be aware that a charger for the machine isn’t included in the initial purchase, this is a huge problem that could affect sales. Either way, we’re happy we have a confirmed release date for the XL model, but the lack of the smaller mode, no announced price, and the missing AC adapter makes us less enthused about upgrading to the new system despite all its improvements.

What do you think?