AMD to develop chips for Chrome OS


AMD has finally realized it can’t survive on Windows alone and has announced its chips will be supporting Android and Chrome OS soon. The manufacturer has been exclusive to Windows until now, but the market is growing and giving more power to other platforms. Microsoft is no longer only competing with Apple. Chrome OS and Android are now among the most important platforms around, taking some hype away from the former “big guys”.

AMD will be expanding its chip portfolio, including x86 and ARM chips compatible with Google’s operating systems. As the PC market start to be overtaken by the mobile market, we see that Windows 8 tablets are still not doing very well. AMD would open more doors and stay relevant by pulling such a move.

With more options comes competition, so let’s hope we can start seeing what these upcoming AMD chips can do for Chrome OS (and Android). We have had a great experience with current Intel and Exynos processors, but we are sure AMD’s experience can bring some heat to the competition.

[PC World]