AllCast updated with stutter and lag fix


AllCast is one of the best Android apps to have if you own a Chromecast. This nifty Android app allows you to stream content from your phone to your Chromecast, including local files! You can also stream from cloud services, and soon even Android mirroring might come into the equation.

allcast-update-bitrateKoushik Dutta’s app is still not perfect, though. Especially when it comes to Chromecast support, which continues to be a beta feature in the app. One major issue was video performance when streaming local files to Chromecast. The latest app update fixes this.

What was the problem with video straming to Chromecast?

Sometimes video would stutter and lag. Koushik mentions this is due to the high-quality videos we deal with nowadays. He states most modern smartphones record at 10Mbps, which is a lot for most networks to handle.

The solution

To fix this, the developer built an HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) server into the AllCast app. This will pretty much make the file smaller, transcoding high bitrate videos in real time.

Get the update

This is a very important update, so you should go get it from the Google Play Store. Let us know how well it works for you!