Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed to 2013, Wii U version won’t be at E3

Aliens colonial marines wii u
Developer Gearbox has announced that their upcoming shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, is delayed until February, 2013. Gearbox and publisher SEGA also revealed that the Wii U version of the game would not be playable at E3. But we still expect to see the game in the form of trailers, perhaps Wii U specific trailers that showcase the new features of the game, how the controller is used, etc.

Gearbox has previously praised the Wii U quite a lot: just a few days ago CEO Randy Pitchford said that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines would be the best looking one, due to Wii U’s superior hardware. Of course, the developer can’t indulge into the full Wii U specifics due to Nintendo’s NDA, which will most likely be lifted after this year’s E3, which starts in two weeks.

While it’s disappointing that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been delayed to next year, an interesting bit caught our attention: while Gearbox said that the game was delayed, it only listed the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC versions as delayed. The Wii U version wasn’t mentioned in the delay, and Gearbox said that the date for the Wii U version would be revealed “at a later time”. This got us thinking: perhaps Aliens: Colonial marines would be released on the Wii U this year as a timed exclusive. Or perhaps the opposite would happen: the Wii U release date would be later than the other versions. What do you think?