Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison

The trial spanned 5 weeks and the Netflix documentary lasted 3 hours, but it took jurors only 45-minutes to unanimously convict Alex Murdaugh of murder, found guilty on all counts (two counts of murder, two counts of possession of a weapon in the commitment of violent crime).

The case centered around the deaths of Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son, Margaret (52) and Paul (22), who were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds at the family’s hunting compound, near the dog kennels. Murdaugh called 911 to report the murders and said he had been napping, but a Snapchat video from his son’s cell phone place him at the scene of the crime within minutes of when it occurred.

After admitting to investigators that he lied and blaming “paranoid thinking” from an addiction to pain killers, Murdaugh maintained his innocence. Prosecutors argued the murders were meant to distract from Murdaugh’s collapsing financial crimes: he faces 100+ additional charges, such as money laundering, for allegations in connection with his law firm. Murdaugh admits to swindling his partners and clients, and prosecutors claim the murders were meant to gain sympathy and delay his impending doom.

The Murdaugh family name is powerful in their rural area- at least it was. Discussion swirling around the heart of this case is how money, power, and connections can get and keep you out of trouble. In this case, Alex Murdaugh tried to stretch his privilege a few steps too far.

If Alex Murdaugh didn’t kill Maggie and Paul, who did?

When questioned under oath, Alex Murdaugh said he believes the murders were in connection with a 2019 boat accident that claimed the life of Mallory Beach. His son Paul was at the captain’s wheel. The incident is at the heart of “The Murdaugh Murders” Netflix series and Murdaugh blamed the vile social media feedback for fueling the motive of the “real” killers- whoever they are…

Listening to Murdaugh recount his theory is chilling, and the way he chooses his words leave open the possibility that he’s actually speaking of himself.

Although the defense lawyers put forth a theory that two people were likely responsible for the murders, providing conflicting evidence on the direction, angles, and trajectories of the fatal shots, ultimately, the jury did not agree with the defense’s argument.

Assisted Suicide & Insurance Fraud

While under investigation, Alex Murdaugh and his surviving son Buster announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the Maggie and Paul’s assailants. Two months later, Alex Murdaugh called 911 after suffering a gun-shot wound to the head. Curtis Edward Smith (61) was later arrested in connection to the shooting, charged with assisted suicide and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud.

Since then, the 2018 death of family housekeeper Gloria Satterfield has been reopened for investigation. She (allegedly) died in a falling incident. Murdaugh then urged Satterfield’s sons to sue him for wrongful death in hopes of collecting insurance money. The proceedings led to a $505,000 settlement but the Satterfield family has yet to collect any funds from the lawyer that Murdaugh recommended (Corey Fleming).

The Authority Opinion

Nevermind the judge’s opinion in the case. The authority on killing people and trying to get away with it is OJ Simpson, who decided to weigh in on the case via Twitter.