AIRTAME: Chromecast’s biggest competitor so far?

These HDMI wireless dongles are becoming quite popular. We have Google’s Chromecast taking all the sales with easy streaming at a $35 price point. It’s great, but it needs to evolve more and offer more features. This is where competitors like the Belkin Miracast Video Adapter and the AIRTAME come into play.

What is AIRTAME?

AIRTAME is the most recent Chromecast competitor around. The Indiegogo campaign raised over $1.2 million, leaving their $160,000 goal in the dust. Needless to say it’s a neat device, but it works a bit differently. This is not intended to work as a streaming device like the Chromecast. In essence, it is more of a mirroring device.

airtame-extend-displayThe AIRTAME can mirror your computer’s screen to your TV. It can also turn any TV into a second display, using the company’s software. That, by itself, is neat enough for many users to jump in. I mean Google is not even that advanced with the Chromecast mirroring. There is much more to the AIRTAME!

The startup is not stopping there. Hey have tailored a whole software suit for the AIRTAME. Streaming will not be limited to this dongle! The plan is to be able to stream to multiple screens all at once. This even includes other computers. It’s Miracast gone wild.

Now there is one huge downside: it does not support mobile devices. This is huge! AIRTAME is saying they plan to bring some functionality, like turning smartphones and tablets into remote-like devices for AIRTAME. Mirroring seems to be out of the question, though. It seems their solutions would require root access, which they won’t support.

Chromecast vs AIRTAME

I can’t help but feel like these devices are not catering to the same crowd. AIRTAME feels more like a device I would love to have at the office, while Chromecast would be my choice elsewhere.

airtameAIRTAME’s lack of mobile features make it very limited, even if its computer/screen capabilities are unmatchable. It’s current features are impressive, to say the least, but the device will go nowhere with the average consumer if it doesn’t have mobile support.

Meanwhile, Chromecast continues to evolve and it’s mirroring capabilities should improve. This makes it a better device for the general consumer. The AIRTAME is awesome, though! And it may be very much worth its price to some of you who can take advantage of its unique features.

The AIRTAME’s Indiegogo price was $89, so expect it to stay at around the same price once it is released.

UPDATE: Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps coming!

As part of their $1 million stretch goal, the company has decided to go ahead and offer Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps! This will make a huge difference and brings the AIRTAME closer to the Chromecast. Which one are you betting for?