AdBlock Plus To Whitelist ‘Approved Ads’ Automatically

If you use AdBlack Plus for Chrome to block ads, you may be in for a surprise when the extension updates to version 2.0. The developer has stated on the extension’s main website that acceptable ads will begin seeping through the cracks. So what constitutes an acceptable ad?
  • No animation or sound
  • Loads no more than one script
  • Preferably text-only

The developer seems to have webmasters who use AdSense at heart here, as many webmasters rely on advertising funds in order to stay afloat. While many users seem to be outraged that a default whitelist for ads is even being considered, it is an option that you can opt-out of should you so choose.

I’m a user of AdBlock myself, but I honestly don’t mind text ads when I see them. It’s the giant flashing, seizure-inducing ads that claim you’ve won the lottery that I think most of the Internet seems to have a problem with? Disagree? Tell me why in the comments.