Acer and ASUS getting ready to release new Chromebooks

The second half of 2013 is nearing and the year can’t end without a new generation of Chromebooks. Google is aiming for a bright future and has set the example with the Chromebook Pixel. We can see a great batch of Chrome OS devices coming soon, but the first to bring new Chromebooks during H2 2013 are said to be Acer and ASUS.


The rumor comes from Digitimes‘ sources, who claim both manufacturer are currently working on their next Chromebooks. Most surprising is the fact that ASUS has added itself to the list. The company seems to be getting very friendly with Google now that they hold an important spot in the Android and Google TV markets. Jumping in the Chromebook bandwagon will fully complete the circle.

Acer, on the other hand, is a relatively important Chrome OS partner already. They have released the most affordable Chromebook to date (without counting the CR-48, which was free for testers) – the Acer C7. The manufacturer has also just released an upgraded version so it surprises us to see yet another one coming already.

We are hoping both companies will release improved Chromebooks. Not just in terms of specs, but we want to see improvements in the “bigger picture” features. We would like them to follow Google’s steps by adding a touchscreen, for example. Maybe even a good design, as well. A high definition screen would be nice but not exactly needed, especially if it will make the price skyrocket.

What would you want ASUS and Acer to bring forth with their new Chromebooks?