A new Chrome os release every 6 weeks?

Geordi Laforge
Google has promised to produce a new, stable, version of Chrome OS every six weeks. Sounds grand, but what’s the point?

Google’s program manager Anthony Laforge wrote on the Official Google blog that the company is aiming to present a new, stable, release to speed up the pace at which Google Chrome releases are available to the public. According to Laforge (am I the only one who’s thinking Star Trek?) stated that there are three “fundamental goals in reducing the cycle time”

1 – to shorten the release cycle and still get great features in front of users when they are ready;
2- make the schedule more predictable and easier to scope;
3- reduce the pressure on engineering to make a release’.

Laforge: “We have new features coming out all the time and do not want users to have to wait months before they can use them. While pace is important to us, we are all committed to maintaining high quality releases — if a feature is not ready, it will not ship in a stable release.”
Okay, makes sense, but I’ll believe it when I see it. A new release every six weeks is a tall order!