Meet the makers of the ‘A Journey Through Middle-earth’ Chrome experiment


A Journey Through Middle-earth has to be one of the most elaborate Chrome experiments we have seen. It is pure testament of the power that Chrome and the web really have. We can accomplish much with the new technology modern browsers offer, and Google is at the forefront of the whole movement.

Google is the first to release a web-based operating system – Chrome OS. The company has faith in the power of the browser as a platform. Technologies like WebGL and WebRTC (among others) are making web apps much more capable, and new apps don’t even need the internet to work.

The future of computing really is in the cloud, and there is not much we can do to stop it. It’s simply the natural direction of personal computing. In this video, the developers of A Journey through Middle Earth explain the process and work that went into this Chrome experiment.

Give it a watch if you are into developing, or just enjoy the Chrome experiment!

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