’90s arcade lives on as ’90s Super GP on Switch

’90s Arcade Racer had a slightly rocky start a few years back. After meeting its funding goal on Kickstarter, the game was cancelled and then sold to The Binding of Isaac and Cave Story+ publisher Nicalis. Since that turn of events, we haven’t heard anything about the game. Yet, here we are today with a new update from the publisher.

The game’s page on Nicalis’ that ’90s Arcade Racer is now “’90s Super GP” and much like Cave Story+ and some of their other games, they’ll be bringing this one to the Nintendo Switch. Nicalis hasn’t provided an update on a release date for the game, but here are the features listed on their website:

  • Intense stock car, supercar and formula racing in the style of the best arcade racers of the 1990s
  • Bright colors, crazy track layouts and dance music evoke the golden era of arcade racing games
  • Finely tuned driving physics with precision handling and old-school drifting
  • 12 unique vehicles with different attributes and customizable colors
  • Six dynamic and shortcut-filled courses, three of which have “Long” and “Short” variations
  • Arcade mode for quick races in any unlocked vehicle on any unlocked course
  • Championship mode with four circuits in each of the stock, supercar and formula racing classes
  • Local and online multiplayer modes, online leaderboards

And here is some early gameplay of 90s Arcade Racer to wet your appetite while you wait.

[via Nicalis, NeoGAF, NintendoLife]