The 2DS has sold 2.1 million consoles


Since it was announced last August, the 2DS has sold 2.1 million systems. Meant to be more friendly to a younger audience than the normal Nintendo 3DS, it doesn’t feature the DS family’s normal clam shell design, since the hinges can be broken by children accidentally. Additionally, the new handheld console doesn’t play Nintendo 3DS games in 3D. 

For comparison the 3DS has shipped 42.7 million units while the DS family has shipped 154 million units in total. The Wii U on the other hand has sold 5.8 million units, 2.41 million in of those sales being the last nine months alone. These poor sales are part of what factored into Iwata and Myiamoto’s descision take temporary pay cuts.

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[Source: Nintendo]