10 Best Van Life Havens in the Northeast Corridor

For those who call the open road their home and the rearview mirror their living room portrait, the Northeast Corridor – stretching from the vibrant hub of New Jersey to the historic cityscape of Boston – has much to offer. If you’ve swapped out mortgage payments for mileage, there’s a treasure trove of travel gems waiting to be discovered, all nestled within a journey along the Interstate 95. So, fasten your seatbelt and tune in to the humming rhythm of the highway; here are the top 10 van life havens in the Northeast Corridor.

1. Liberty Harbor RV Park, New Jersey

Located just across the water from Manhattan, this RV park gives you easy access to the city while providing a safe haven for your home on wheels. Enjoy stunning skyline views right from your van. Spend at least 2 days here to experience New York City and to recharge before hitting the road again.

2. Spruce Run Recreation Area, New Jersey

With its 15 miles of shoreline, Spruce Run is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Campsites are available April through October, offering a great spot to rest while traveling through New Jersey. We recommend staying 3 days to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

3. French Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

Just a detour off I-95, French Creek offers a wilderness escape. Hike, fish, or just relax in this beautiful forested park. Spend a minimum of 2 days to soak up the serenity and explore the park’s trails.

4. Elk Neck State Park, Maryland

A beautiful location on the Chesapeake Bay, Elk Neck provides a scenic stop with a variety of outdoor activities available. Stay for at least 3 days to enjoy all the bay has to offer, from boating to fishing to beachcombing.

5. Assateague State Park, Maryland

For a more unique experience, stop by Assateague State Park. Home to wild horses and pristine beaches, this park is a van-lifer’s dream. Spend at least 2 days to experience the wildlife and explore the pristine beaches.

6. Bass River State Forest, New Jersey

Offering year-round camping opportunities, Bass River State Forest is perfect for nature enthusiasts with its abundant wildlife and network of trails. We recommend staying 3 days to take advantage of the hiking and bird watching opportunities.

7. Horseneck Beach State Reservation, Massachusetts

This 600-acre beach and camping area on Buzzards Bay offers stunning vistas and a variety of outdoor activities. Plan to stay for at least 3 days to enjoy the beach and take a hike along the scenic trails.

8. Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts

Beautiful beaches, walking and biking trails, and historic lighthouses make Cape Cod a must-visit location on your Northeast Corridor road trip. Spend at least 4 days here to soak up all that Cape Cod has to offer.

9. Normandy Farms Campground, Massachusetts

A luxury camping destination nestled deep in the woods between Boston and Cape Cod, Normandy Farms offers a host of amenities for van lifers. Spend a minimum of 2 days to relax and enjoy the luxury amenities.

10. Winter Island Park, Massachusetts

Located in the historic maritime city of Salem, this park offers oceanfront camping with easy access to Boston. We recommend staying 3 days to explore the history of Salem and the beauty of the park.

And there you have it, ten unique, must-see stops on your van life journey from New Jersey to Boston. Whether you’re chasing city lights or seeking solace in nature, there’s a place for you in the Northeast Corridor. If you’re looking to visit them all, why not start at Liberty Harbor RV Park in New Jersey and follow the road up through the states? Happy travels, and remember, it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy every mile!