1-Minute? Samsung Chromebook Setup Takes Much Longer [VIDEO]

We got our Series 5 Chromebook plugged in and ready to rock, eager to check out the “1-minute setup” flaunted for Chromebooks. Unfortunately we found out that it took MUCH longer mainly due to one thorn in the Chrombook’s side: it required a several minute OS update when booting for the first time.

Without that required update it certainly would have taken about 1-minute but the fact remains, our setup time was much longer. I WILL say however that the process was completely painless. The OS performed it’s little upgrade and then we were firing on all cylinders.

Let me state the obvious and say that I both use Google’s Chrome Browser and was a CR-48 user as well. When I fired up the Samsung Chromebook for the first time it launched 3 tabs, showed me an Android Theme, and had several browser extensions/apps pre-installed. Initially I thought this stuff was lumped together as part of a “launch” package but then it hit me- all this information, options and preferences had been saved in the cloud and waiting for me although this was the first time I’d ever used this computer. In one word? Awesome.

It definitely changes the way you think about computing to know that right when you get a new computer – like your phone these days – everything you’d previously set up and used is right there waiting for you. The convenience level is just wonderful.

I’ll be playing with the Chromebook over the next several days (and the rest of my life) and you can expect my full review in days to come. Until then head on over to our Chrome Forum to continue the discussion!