Take some time to read through this entire list of shortcuts. Each person will find different shortcuts helpful. Test them out. See what you look. Bookmark this page and try to commit them to memory. If you’re able to memorize and use Chromebook keyboard shortcuts without looking them up you’ll greatly increase your speed and productivity.

These keyboard shortcuts will work both on Chromebooks running Chrome and other laptops inside the Chrome browser.

Page upAlt + Up arrow 
Page downAlt + Down arrow 
Scroll down the web pageSpace bar
Go to top of pageCtrl + Alt + Up arrow 
Go to bottom of pageCtrl + Alt + Down arrow 
Print your current pageCtrl + p
Save your current pageCtrl + s
Reload your current pageCtrl + r
Reload your current page without using cached contentShift + Ctrl + r
Zoom in on the pageCtrl and +
Zoom out on the pageCtrl and – (minus)
Reset zoom levelCtrl + 0
Stop the loading of your current pageEsc
Right-click a linkPress Alt and click a link
Open the link in a new tab in the backgroundPress Ctrl and click a link
Save the link as a bookmarkDrag link to bookmarks bar
Save your current webpage as a bookmarkCtrl + d
Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a new folderShift + Ctrl + d
Search the current pageCtrl + f
Go to the next match for your searchCtrl + g or Enter
Go to the previous match for your searchShift + Ctrl + g or Shift + Enter
Go to an inactive information fieldAlt + Shift + a
Perform a Google searchCtrl k (or) 
Ctrl e
Add www. and .com to your input in the address bar, then open the pageCtrl + Enter
View page sourceCtrl + u
Show or hide the Developer Tools panelShift + Ctrl+ i
Navigate to selected section in the Developer Tools panelCtrl + Shift + c
Open the Console tab in the Developer Tools panelShift + Ctrlj
Show or hide the bookmarks barShift Ctrlb
Show the toolbarAlt + Shift + t
Navigate to selected selection in the Developer Tools panelCtrl + Shift + c
Open the History pageCtrl + h
Open the Downloads pageCtrl + j
Delete selected Autofill suggestion when filling out a formShift + Alt + Backspace

Chrome System Shortcuts

Open the Files appShift + Alt + m
Preview a file in the Files appSelect the file, then press Space
Display hidden files in the Files appCtrl + . (period)
Open the status area (where the time appears)Shift + Alt + s
Click icons 1-8 on your shelfAlt + 1 through Alt + 8
Click the last icon on your shelfAlt + 9
Use function keysSearch  + your preferred function key (or)
Launcher  + your preferred function key
See your notificationsShift + Alt + n
Change screen resolutionShift Ctrl and + or – (minus)
Reset screen resolution to defaultShift + Ctrl + 0
Rotate screen 90 degreesShift + Ctrl + Rotate 
Switch to the next userCtrl + Alt + . (period)
Switch to the previous userCtrl Alt + , (comma)

Text Editing Shortcuts

Turn Caps Lock on or offSearch  + Alt (or)
Launcher  + Alt
Select everything on the pageCtrl + a
Select the content in the address barCtrl + L or Alt + d
Select the next word or letterShift + Ctrl + Right arrow  
Select text to the end of the lineSearch  + Shift + Right arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Shift + Right arrow 
Select text to the beginning of the lineSearch  + Shift + Left arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Shift + Left arrow 
Select previous word or letterShift + Ctrl + Left arrow 
Move to the end of the next wordCtrl + Right arrow 
Move to the start of the previous wordCtrl + Left arrow 
Move to beginning of the lineSearch  + Left arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Left arrow 
Move to end of the lineSearch  + Right arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Right Arrow 
Go to end of documentSearch  + Ctrl + Right arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Ctrl + Right arrow 
Go to beginning of documentSearch  + Ctrl + Left arrow  (or)
Launcher  + Ctrl + Left arrow 
Copy selected content to the clipboardCtrl + c
Paste content from the clipboardCtrl + v
Paste content from the clipboard as plain textShift + Ctrl + v
CutCtrl + x
Delete the previous wordCtrl + Backspace
Delete the next letter (forward delete)Alt + Backspace
Undo your last actionCtrl + z
Redo your last actionShift + Ctrl + z
Switch between the keyboard languages you’ve set.Learn how to choose your keyboard language.Shift + Ctrl + Space
Switch to the previous keyboard language you were using.Learn how to choose your keyboard language.Ctrl + Space
Dim keyboard (for backlit keyboards only)Alt + 
Make keyboard brighter (for backlit keyboards only)Alt + 

Accessibility Shortcuts

Turn ChromeVox (spoken feedback) on or offCtrl + Alt + z
Turn on high contrast modeSearch  + Ctrl + (or)
Launcher  + Ctrl + h
Magnify your whole screenCtrl + Search  + m (or)
Ctrl + Launcher  + m
Magnify part of your screenCtrl + Search  + (or)
Ctrl + Launcher  + d
Highlight the launcher button on your shelfShift + Alt + L
Highlight the next item on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Tab (or) 
Shift + Alt + L, then Right arrow 
Highlight the previous item on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Shift + Tab (or)
Shift + Alt + L, then Left arrow 
Open the highlighted button on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Space (or) 
Shift + Alt + L, then Enter
Remove the highlight from a button on your shelfShift + Alt + L, then Esc
Switch focus between:Status area (where the time appears)LauncherAddress barBookmarks bar (if visible)The webpage that’s openDownloads bar (if visible)Ctrl + Back  or Ctrl + Forward 
Highlight the bookmarks bar (if shown)Shift + Alt + b
Highlight the row with the address barShift + Alt + t
Open right-click menu for highlighted itemSearch  + Shift + Increase volume  (or)
Launcher  + Shift + Increase volume 
Move an app icon up, down or to the side in the launcherCtrl + Up Down , Left , or Right 
Move an app in or out of a folder in the launcherCtrl + Shift + Up , Down , Left , or Right