Rayman Legends on Switch has the longest load times of any platform

The guys at Digital Foundry analyzed Rayman Legends on the Switch and they weren’t that impressed. The game runs and looks pretty much like the other versions over the years, but what stood out were the loading times.

Rayman Legends on the Switch apparently takes longer to load than on any other platform released so far. Even compared to the Wii U version (where Rayman Legends was once supposed to be an exclusive), the game takes 50% longer to load on the Switch.

And that’s regardless if the game is run from the internal memory or an SD card.

Digital Foundry thinks this is because the game is heavily compressed on the Switch and the assets need to be uncompressed first. Rayman Legends takes up 2.7 GB on the Switch, while needing over 9 GB on the PS4 and Xbox One.

This compression has also resulted in some “subtle degradation in asset quality” as they point out, where the game looks a tiny bit worse on the Switch compared to other platforms.

Check out the analysis below: