Platinum wanted Miis in Wonderful 101, could be featured in a sequel


Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya revealed on Twitter earlier this week that one of his original ideas for the game was to let players use their Miis in game as a hero. Apparently the feature was unable to make it in to the final game, for some reason though. He does say though that he hopes that they include Mii functionality in the game’s sequel.

This wasn’t the only idea that didn’t make through the development period. Originally the game was set to have a darker style,  but was changed when the director wasn’t satisfied with that look.

Despite being an incredibly unique and fun game, The Wonderful 101 has had disappointingly low sales. Kamiya believes that poor marketing is to blame. While one would think such low sales might hurt The Wonderful 101‘s chance for a sequel, Kamiya is apparently still hopeful, as this Twitter comment shows.

Would you like to have used your Mii as a hero in The Wonderful 101? Do you think it would make a cool feature in the sequel? Let us know in the comments!