Nintendo outspent everyone in June on TV ads

Nintendo isn’t just resting on the hype of the Switch to sell the console and its games. The company has an active TV ad campaign to make sure everyone knows about the Switch and its upcoming games.

And the company has been spending more and more on TV ads to promote upcoming Switch games. With the release of Arms, Nintendo spend $6.6 million on TV ads in June on promoting the game on various TV channels.

By comparison, Sony spent $3.7 million on PlayStation ads. The data comes from Venture Beat, and you can see a chart below of all the big ad spenders in gaming for last month.

Nintendo outspent everyone in June on TV ads

Specifically, Nintendo had 7 different ads on US television in June that aired over 2,500 times and reached 283 million TV viewers.

One of the criticisms the company faced after the launch of the Wii U was that it wasn’t doing enough to promote the console. It looks like they’ve learned from their mistakes, and they certainly have enough money to fund a large TV campaign for the Switch and its upcoming games.

We expect Nintendo to spend just has much on TV ads this month as Splatoon 2 will be released in a couple of weeks.