Miyamoto: Switch could have a longer lifespan than 5 years

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto appears to be just as optimistic about the Switch as the rest of Nintendo’s top brass. Speaking to Japanese publication 4Gamer [interview in Japanese], Miyamoto said he hopes the Switch can become even more popular in 2020 than it is today.

He also said that he believes the console could have a longer lifespan than 5 years, which tends to be the norm for a console cycle.

The Switch is certainly off to a great start — it sold 2.7 million units during the first month on the market, and has been at the top of the Japanese sales chart ever since it launched.

Not only that, reports from manufacturers say that Nintendo has once again increased production, which is now at 18 million for the current fiscal year. Nintendo’s official number is at 10 million.

Last month we reported that Nintendo is fighting Apple and other tech giants for parts for the Switch console in order to manufacture as many as possible. But it’s proving hard since Apple has a much bigger clout when it comes to manufacturing.

Despite struggles to meet consumer demand, many still believe that the Switch could surpass the Wii. Recently, one analyst said that the Switch could drive bigger revenues than the Wii, which was the most successful Nintendo home console in history.

Miyamoto :Switch could have a longer lifespan than 5 years