Here’s a look at the first DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors


A few days ago we noted that the first DLC for Hyrule Warriors would be called the Master Quest Pack, with perhaps the biggest revelation at the time being that Epona would be introduced to the game as a weapon to be used. Koei Tecmo has updated the official Japanese site for the game with new content, including a new look at Epona, the untold storyline of the Black Witch Cia, and a brand new adventure mode map.

This piece of DLC will be released on October 16 in Japan, Europe and North America. There are no Western prices for individual pieces of DLC, but Nintendo has already made a season pass for $19.99 available on the Wii U eShop that will give access to all four of the upcoming DLC packs for the game.

Are you excited to lead Epona into battle against your enemies?