Chromecast 3-month free Netflix offer now only offered by Best Buy


Chromecast’s features and $35 price tag are not the only reason why people were rushing to get the dongle. Google has been promising 3 free months of Netflix streaming services, making the dongle much more affordable than it already is. There seems to be a discrepancy, though, as it seems Google has removed the deal.

chromecastThe Google Play Store no longer displays the offer in the product page. Google+ user Alex Hernandez also reports that he contacted Google Customer Service and they mentioned they had to cancel the offer due to its overwhelming popularity.

The Amazon product page has also disappeared and now is replaced only by a third-party seller product page. As of now Best Buy is the only one avertising the offer, so they may be the only ones still respecting it.

We are not sure exactly what is going on, but we wanted to reach out to you to hear your experienced. I ordered my Chromecast from the Google Play Store yesterday, right after it was available. It all went smoothly, I got my tracking code, my order has shipped and I got an email about the Netflix offer soon afterwards. I have redeemed it and have my 3 free months of Netflix.

Has your experience been as smooth, though? Do you think this offer was really axed?

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